Properties and real estate for sale in Encamp

Properties and real estate in Encamp

Situated at the core of Andorra, the parish of Encamp combines magnificent views orchestrated by large forests and Pyrenean Mountains. With a population of more than 13.000 people, it’s clearly one of the densest parishes of the principality which is partially due to its network of communications and its position as the geographical centre of the country. Encamp offers the investor certain advantages, such as rapid access to both borders with neighbouring countries and relatively close administrative centres.

Buying real estate in Encamp

As the gateway to the Grandvalira ski region – which is accessed by one of the largest funicular in Europe – Encamp is made up of two major towns, Encamp and Pas de la Casa. The parish has become a top winter destination for travellers looking for nature-related leisure. In addition to it, trekking, climbing and fishing have driven Encamp to broaden major investments which have been drawing tourists and new residents. 

Furthermore, the gastronomy of Encamp has also seen an unprecedented surge in its clientele. The subtle combination of typical ingredients with exotic flavours seems to fascinate lovers of exquisite food. Gastronomy as well as culture are an essential part of the local´s identity which they fancy sharing with others. For instance, festivities such as Carnival, La Festa Major or Christmas play a major role in defining the lifestyle of the local residents. 

Encamp has put great value on merging tradition and modernism not only in its gastronomy and culture but also in its architecture. You will find romantic buildings such as San Roma de les Bons, just like there are plenty of contemporary town houses spread throughout the parish. These two styles harmonize shaping the urban development and making it charming while buying a house, a villa or a flat in Encamp.

Encamp offers plenty of options when it comes to buying or renting real estate. Not only its prime location but also the possibility of enjoying many comforts makes of it an enticing retreat. If you are looking to settle in a place where calmness, high living standards and extraordinary architecture coexist, Encamp will definitely fulfil all your expectations.

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